Owning a blog is much easier and cheaper than owning a website. It does not mean that you should be very reckless during the process of setting up your new and own blog. You should create a blog carefully to achieve the wanted results. Remember that there are countless numbers of blogs in the Internet sphere, means there is lots of competition. You should know how to make a blog step by step and this will article will teach you how. Alternately, you can also visit to find out how to create blog and website.

Blogging can offer many advantages and benefits to people from all walks of life. Whether you are a businessman or homemaker or student or an author, you can blog about the things you like. You can earn good money by blogging. There are many advertising programs that help the bloggers to earn steady and huge money. Now let us look into some the basic steps for starting a blog.

First, you should decide the topics or niche that you want to blog. This is an important step and should not be taken lightly. Blogging is a long term and continuous process. More the years you blog, more the reputation you will gain. Always blog topic or niche that you are very interested. The passion and interest are what will keep your blogging forever. For example, if you are very much interested in cooking, then you can start blogging different cooking recipes. You should not try to blog about the things, which you are not so interested.

Next process is choosing a blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms, which are available at free of cost. You should choose a blogging platform according to your convenience and budget. Some blogging platform allows you create a blog by simply clicking, dragging and dropping the objects, while some platform requires you to know coding. As per current trend, WordPress blogging platform is very popular among many bloggers. This is an open source blogging platform that allows anyone to create blog according to their need.

The next step is finding a web hosting service, which provides server space for hosting your blog/website. Finding the right web hosting service is very important. Bad web hosting could cause your blog to work slow or affected by some virus. Nowadays, web hosting services are offered at a different price range to suit the needs of different customers.

Your next step should be choosing the domain name. The domain name should be easier to read and remember by other people. Do not choose a long domain name and make sure it is related to your blog. Avoid having numbers, hyphens and other terms in your domain name. After you have purchased the domain name and domain space, you need to install the blogging software or platform.

Nowadays, most blogging platforms are easier to install. You can find online guide and tutorials to learn how to install the blogging platform. After you installing the blogging platform, you need to choose a theme for your blog. A blogging platform may provide various pre-designed themes for you to choose. These are the simple steps for creating a blog.