Watches are no longer just watches. They are just as smart as out phones are which is why they are called as smart watches. From Apple to Samsung and traditional watch makers such as Tag Heuer and Fossil everyone is at it now. There are major variations in terms of design and among these watches however some do remain common such as notifications, step count and incoming call alerts. You could do all this without unlocking the phone or using the phone. You simply need to look at your wrist to check these details. If you are looking to http://smartwatchpanda.com/ brings you some of the important points that you need to consider before buying one.

Device Compatibility
This is one of the important factors to consider since you will be using your smartwatch paired with your phone. Therefore, you need to check beforehand if you can pair your smartwatch with your phone. Some of the watches work only with the certain type of phones. For example, Pebble and Pebble Time have their own OS but they work with both Android and iOS phones. Likewise, Alcatel and Martian watches also work with all kind of phones. Samsung Tizen works with many Android devices and it currently does not support iOS.

LG, Huawei and Samsung has watches that work well with Android phones. It is easier to use smart watches with Google and you can visit the website g.co/WearCheck from your phone to see if your watch is compatible with the phone. Though some Android watches work on iOS interface as well, it might lack in some features.

As expected, an Apple Watch works only with the iPhone. Apple has a wearable interface that allows the notifications to be displayed on the watch. It predicts many things such as weather, upcoming events and reminders. It also has fitness features and step count as well.

Most of the smartwatches have an LCD display screen or an AMOLED display screen. Some of them such as Pebble has an E Ink display. These E Ink displays are monochromatic therefore, you don’t get to see the color. But they are definitely much easier to when you out than the color displays. They do not glare and they consume less battery. Apple watch and Asus Zenwatch allows you to access photos. These require color displays since photos and accessing other apps is not possible without it.

Watch Interface
When given a choice between the touch screen and button console, it is going to be easy to choose the touch screen because practically most of the devices have a touch screen interface. But some devices might have buttons instead of the touchscreen. Pebble watch has a button interface and is more affordable than the touch screen watches. Sometimes touch screen on a small device can be very difficult to handle. The android wear has not introduced card based notifications which might be easy to access. But there is a lot of swiping involved for accessing the application. It requires a lot of precision for easy access.