Among the symptoms that are common in diabetes patients, mention may be made of frequent urination, unrelenting thirst, and always feeling tired. But in the case of some patients, there is no symptom at all; only blood tests will reveal that they are affected by this ailment. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss regarding what are the signs of diabetes:

1. Feeling tired all the time:

In the case of diabetes patients, the cells are starved for glucose which is the chief source of energy in our body. When the glucose does not get used up by the cells and instead, remain in our blood stream, we feel fatigued.

2. Frequent urination and thirst:

It’s not uncommon for some diabetes patients to urinate even 20 times in a day. When there is surplus glucose in the blood, the kidneys need to overwork. This excess glucose soaks the water everywhere in the body and, therefore, we urinate frequently. Apart from this, frequent urination also dehydrates our body and we start to feel thirsty.

3. Frequent yeast infection:

Bacteria prefer to thrive in those areas where lots of sugar are present. For this reason, the diabetes patients are so much affected by yeasts. The common areas where people get infected are the mouth, as well as, the armpits, the skin between the toes and other places where there is excessive sweating.

4. Cuts heal slowly:

Whenever we get injured, the white blood cells help to heal the damaged tissues. However, the function of these white blood cells become sluggish, if there is a high amount of glucose in the blood. Therefore, the bruises and cuts take a lot of time to heal.

5. Unexplained weight loss:

When the cells in our body are unable to get energy from the food that we consume, the muscles as well as fat in our body start to break down in order to get energy. If we experience unexpected weight reduction, then it is advisable to visit the physician.

6. Blurred vision:

When we have diabetes, the excess glucose from the bloodstream enters our eyes, and this results in the formation of a sugar called sorbitol which makes our vision blurred.

7. Always feel hungry:

Diabetes does not allow the glucose to enter our cells and so our body fails to convert the food into energy. As a result, our cells starve and we always feel hungry, irrespective of what we eat.