free-up-space-on-ios-9-2Mobile apps are one feature that largely affects your phone’s usage. Without apps you will never be able to use all the features of your phone. Apps helps in making your phone a complete one. Just like software in your computer, apps are necessary for every phone. Mobile apps have become so popular that it has become a 63 billion Euros worth global entity. The best part is that, it is a growth driven by innovation. There is never the same thing when something new is launched. Since it is a rapidly growing industry, the diversity of application is increasing every day.

Every person tries out a new app every day. It can be for enhancing their phone features, or for a particular task they need to do using their phones. You can buy iPhone 6 from and install the best iOS apps on your phone for better performance. Though there are many android apps available in the market, it is the iOS apps which offer the maximum diversity to its users. Using the correct iOS apps can improve your everyday life to great extent. If you are an online shopping lover, you would love to have apps like Slice. It is an app which automatically tracks the item you have ordered online.

It works on your behalf and you are free from the hassle of logging in to your account and tracking your consignment very day. It will keep giving you real time updates automatically. Next is the app named Amount which is indeed a very clever application as it has the ability to take the stress out from your shopping, cooking and even fuel consumption calculation. It can convert all the necessary units you want it to during shopping. It is great when you are shopping something outside as you will have access to all the vital data that is required to do smart shopping.

Waze is an app that helps in sharing traffic information including any hazards or accidents nearby. It ensures that you take through routes that are jam free. Therefore, you can sure of being free from frustration due to traffic and late arrival at work. Open table is an important app meant for people who love to have spontaneous dinner plans with family or friends. The hassle involved in last moment booking or waiting outside the restaurant can be avoided with this app. Open table app helps you choose any local restaurant that is good enough easily and quickly. Next app is for those who love reading, watching videos and surfing the internet for gaining more and more information.

Pocket app allows you to keep all the necessary information such as websites, videos and interesting articles in one place. You can access them easily whenever you want. You can easily send any article in to pocket and read it later whenever free. There are many such iOS apps that are specially designed to make all your tasks easy. Go through the internet and you will surely get some interesting app ideas.